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Listed below, we have provided links to several different websites that we thought might be helpful to you during the internship application and interview process.

The APPIC website (Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers) provides an on-line directory of internship sites, and has downloadable APPIC applications.
E-mail lists of interest: Match News

Accredited Internship and Postdoctoral Programs for Training in Psychology
An electronic listing of accredited programs.

Travel Resources

An on-line travel service that allows users to make reservations for hotels, flights, rental cars, etc. Extremely helpful for making interview travel plans.

This is the newest online travel service


You choose your destination and date of travel and they show you the best deal available.
Name your price for travel reservations!

Council Travel
Students can get incredible savings on flights and hotels when they get an international ID card.

Members can receive discounts on car rentals and hotels as well as emergency roadside service.

The Weather Channel
Provides continuous, up-to-the-hour information on weather throughout the world. Provides local forecasts as well as projected 7 day travel forecasts to assist with your travel planning.

An online map making service that can generate detailed maps for free.

According to the APPIC website, they have negotiated special discounted rates. To make reservations: Call Avis at (800) 331-1600 and provide AWD number: D004772.
However, check around before you take this offer as the best.


American Airlines


Alaska Air

Continental Airlines

Delta Airlines

Frontier Air

Northwest Airlines

Southwest Air


Jet Blue



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